South Carolina  and Utah Concealed

Weapons Training


I chose this particular class because I wanted a learning experience specifically designed for civilians. Everything was user friendly in the best way possible. The class was held on the sun porch of their lovely home, overlooking a pool. Soft drinks, tea, and water with lots of ice were available during short breaks. For our first break there was even a pan of brownies fresh from the oven. The class itself covered material of vital importance for gun safety and concealed carry laws. Bob utilized a multi-sensory presentation that was fascinating and thorough, as well as humorous at times. He also gave examples from his considerable experience in law enforcement. Before each test, he reviewed the material while asking questions designed to help us think about all the aspects of a situation. Unless you are an experienced shooter, I highly recommend that you shoot on an earlier day . They have a small outdoor shooting area and qualification is done one at a time. The value of individualized instruction cannot be overstated. Each time Bob gave an instruction, he also explained how and why in a way that was memorable and safety was emphasized in every detail. If you want to attend an outstanding and enjoyable CWP class in an encouraging and supportive environment, this is it! Dr. Jane B.

We really enjoyed your class. It was very nice of you to schedule us a private class, our work schedules did not allow us to take the class together. Us three guys that have been shooting most of our lives very much enjoyed the class, "we all" learned something about properly shooting for self-defense and of course the laws for lawful carry. As you know the three ladies had very limited experience with firearms. You made them feel very comfortable and welcomed, they enjoyed it so much I have heard the class about four times today and we all know how the ladies out shot the men. Your wife was an outstanding host; I'm still talking about the brownies. We would certainly urge anyone wanting to take the CWP class to use your services. Very well done by courteous, knowledgeable and fun people. Steve L.

‚ÄčThe four of us enjoyed your March class.  We very much appreciate your professionalism and pleasant, helpful demeanor.  
Bob, your class was amazing! Steve K.

Thank you for your hospitality and making our class feel welcome. The course was paced exactly right so that everyone got maximum information and benefit.  You make the entire CWP qualification process simple, easy and safe. More importantly, I learned what everyone needs to know about gun safety and the law.  Subsequently, I took the Utah training and was able to compare my training and what I learned in your class with others who took their SC course from other instructors.  There was NO comparison.  Your students were far more knowledgeable and proficient.  Thanks for a great class, for being a great instructor, and to you and Kathy for making the training a pleasant experience in your lovely home. Hello Bob, I just wanted to thank you for your hospitality and professionalism.  My son and I enjoyed your class and appreciate your methods. Your thorough coverage of all the information and technique was great.  We had concerns that our instruction might of just been lecture or just guns. We thought yours is the perfect mixture. The fact that you cover everything for CWP including fingerprints, paperwork, and background checks in one day is invaluable for someone busy like myself. Ed W.

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I just want to thank you for conducting a great class and keeping what can be some pretty mundane stuff interesting and entertaining.  My son  and I discussed the class and he feels the same way.  We liked your attitude, humor and candor.  Chuck M

I really enjoyed the CWP course today.  I learned a lot and had a great time as well. Thank y'all for opening up your home and doing this. I have already told several people about your course and will continue to spread the workl  Travis J.

Thank you for your great class today, Bob. You've cracked the code for meeting the requirements.  I don't know why anyone would take a class anywhere else.

Thank you for I had never even touched a gun until the day before the class and always had a tremendous amount of anxiety about guns in general. As a woman, my parents and husband encouraged me to face my fear and take Bob's class.  Since then, I have become a proud owner of a Pink Walther and a special purse that is designed to carry it.  Not only do I own a gun but I have the confidence to carry it and use it if necessary. I am so grateful for family for  presuading me to take this step in my life despite my reluctance. Thanks for a teacher like Bob that showed me that I can have the security in knowing I can protect myself.   Kasey H.

 I really enjoyed the course this weekend.  The rules of engagement in SC were much different than my other training would have led me to believe to be legal. Thank yu for caring to do it right and getting the word out. You and your wife are true ambassadors of gun ownership and our 2nd amendment rights.  Darryl L

I received my CWP in the mail and I am license #350xxx in SC.  What a great accomplishment. Bob, as you know I was very nervous all day to absorb all the information, take the tests and then fire the gun.  But your prepared instructions and wonderful humor, made the entire experience so enjoyable.  I now know I have the knowledge and confidence to be in control of my life situations with a gun.Thank you so very much for a job well done in showing me that even at age 62, I can still learn a very important skill.  Vickie B

I wanted to express my thanks for the CWP class you and your wife hosted this morning.  As cold as it was and with the snow flurries flying, it felt very good to be greeted by two warm, caring individuals.  I greatly appreciate your expertise and dedication.  I am sure all the other students felt the same way.  Lawrence P.

Thank you for your hospitality and your presentation of the SC CWP and Utah classes.  You both are an excellent team and did an excellent job in your presentations.  You made the training comfortable, interesting and informative.  I will certainly refer you to others.  Jerry P.

Thank you for opening your home to teach the CWP class.  Everyone is made to feel so very welcomed and the pace of the class is just right.  My wife did not want to attend, but by the end of the day she was very glad she did.  Andy & Brenda T.

Thank you for the training that I received in you CWP class on the 5th of Feb. You and your wife made me very welcome in your home.  The training was very casual, informative and well presented. I will not hesitate to recommend you to any of my friends who are interested in obtaining a CWP.  John de S

Bob understands what service and convenience are all about. I had the option of taking a qualifying course with some friends for free on the same day, but Bob takes care of everything. All you need to do is show up and pay the fee.  He provides all the paperwork, fingerprints and bank check. When the course is over you don't have any paperwork to take home and fill out - it's all done. One of my friends in the free course had taken the course before but never got around to all the extra steps you have to complete in addition to the course.  So he was taking the course for the second time and would still have to jump through those hoops.  Me? I'm done except for the waiting.  I brought my 13 year old daughter to the class and she had never fired a pistol before. She sat though the course, got a 96% on the written test and scored 100 on the shooting test. She isn't old enough to get a permit or carry but she's old enough to defend herself at home now. And now I have a target shooting buddy.  Thanks, Bob.  My wife will take the course next Saturday.  Ken G.

Great Course! My husband (a marine, so he knows a lot about pistols and gun safety) and me (which I have never shot a pistol until a week prior) took  your course.  Bob makes you feel very comfortable in his home. He makes it very entertaining with slide shows and funny videos, which kept my husband entertained. At first, I was scared to shoot because I didn't want to be showed up by a bunch of boys.  But we both got a 100% on the written and shooting test.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone from beginner to intermediate.  Samantha N.

We are so excited about completing your class. The organization,
thoroughness  of the training, and safe environment were the best. Thanks.  Amy C.

My wife didn't want to come, but now she can't wait to get her permit in the mail and "pack."  You gave both of us the gun training and law awareness we both needed.  Great class and I'm telling everyone about your program.  Thank you.  Doug and Jean

You made it so easy to get the permit.  I have put it off for years, but your program of one stop is just that.  All the paperwork, fingerprinting, excellent course, use of your gun and free ammo with a silencer (that blows me away), makes me regret putting it off for so long.  I'm telling all my family and friends about you and your course.   Jim L.

We had a fun and very interesting day.  Love your house and shooting range.  You are safety conscience, that is for sure.  Your law enforcement experience really added the real world to the course.  Can't wait till you get the Utah instructor class started.  Put me down for your first class.   Tom M. 

Never handled or shot a gun before your course.  You are a great teacher!  You had so many guns for us to handle and learn from.  I now know what I want to carry and I'll get it and practice before my permit comes in 90 days.   Sarah B.

I have never before done a testimonial. Having said that, I would like to thank you for allowing me, a 67 year old widow who lives alone and who had never shot a handgun, to attend your CWP class.  Your teaching method was informative, passionate, relaxing, and in a setting that would calm anyone. Although I felt intimidated by the unknown when I started, I felt confident when I (having to leave mid-class for another preset appointment) surprisingly retained, if not all, almost all that had been taught 5 days prior. I have enjoyed target shooting with my brother and sister-in-law and am happy to have had the privilege of taking your class. One more thing, your organization in the "one stop shop" scenario is quite impressive. It is easy to do: sign up for the class, bring the very reasonable fee to class and you provide the handgun and ammunition for qualifying, you and/or your lovely bride handle the fingerprinting, copying of ID, submission to SLED for background check and issuance of CWP, and all the rest. Thanks again Bob! P.S. Love my .38 special! Brenda C.

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