South Carolina  and Utah Concealed

Weapons Training

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Frequently Asked Questions
Bob and Kathy Sleigher, Instructors
1417 Methodist Park Road
W. Columbia, SC 29170

How do I sign up for a class? Check the class schedule on page 5 and contact us on page 2 stating the date you would like to attend.  If you have a group of 7 or more, perhaps we can set a class special for your group.

Bob Sleigher has over 18 years experience in law enforcement. This experience allows him to bring real world experiences to the learning environment. He has helped hundreds of South Carolinians obtain their South Carolina and Utah Concealed Weapons Permits. He is a SLED authorized South Carolina CWP Instructor, a Utah BCI authorized CFP Instructor, and an authorized NRA Firearms Instructor. He is a life time member of the National Rifle Association, Airline Owners and Pilots Association, and South Carolina Law Enforcement Officers Association. He is an active South Carolina State Constable and works regularly with the Lexington County Sheriff's Department and Pelion Police Department and was inducted into the South Carolina Aviation Hall of Fame and received the Wright Brothers "Master Pilot" Award. A Flight Instructor since 1968, Bob's philosophy has always been, "If I can teach you to fly I can teach you to shoot a gun."  Bob has been a certified aircraft, instrument and multi-engine flight instructor since 1968 and knows how to make the complex-simple. He hold the Airline Transport Pilot rating and 7 jet type ratings and many flight hours in the DC-3.


Why should I get a concealed weapons permit? Unfortunately, you do not get to choose the time you or a loved one will become a victim. You need to prepare yourself today to remain safe tomorrow.
How much is the course and what does that include? I believe our course is the most affordable in the state at $85. We include everything you will need to apply for your SC CWP permit. This includes the application, two sets of fingerprints,  SLED mandated course, target, the use of a Sig 22 (1911 model) with suppressor, Holster, 50 rounds of ammo and the use of a private shooting area.
How much does the required SLED background check cost? SLED requires a $50 bank check or money order for their background check and processing. This fee is submitted with your application.  For your convenience, we purchase bank checks and will have them available to submit with your application to SLED.
How much money should I bring to class? $135 cash or personal check to cover the course fee and the SLED required bank check. We work through lunch so bring your lunch or bring a few bucks and we will get pizza deliver.

I heard firearms training was not necessary, true?
The firearm proficiency portion of training no longer applies to the following individuals:  Out-of-state or SC retired law enforcement officers whose certification has expired (must submit proof of graduation from a federal or state academy that included firearms training as a graduation requirement) or retired/former military personnel who completed basic military training(must provide DD214).
I have never shot a gun before, can I take the class? Absolutely. It is sometimes easier with the training since you have not had an opportunity to learn bad habits.
Do I have to own a gun? No.  A gun, holster and ammo is provided for your use during training.
Should I buy a gun before taking the class? I do not recommend it. Most people have stated, that they learned so much about the pros and cons of different guns they wish they had waited to purchase their gun until after completing the course. If I own a gun, does my gun have to be registered? No. There is no place to register a gun in South Carolina.
How long is the course? It is a SLED approved course. The course is designed to be completed in one day or two evenings.
What is involved in getting a SC CWP permit? There is a SLED approved course that covers gun safety and handling and concealed carry laws. There is a 50 question written test. You must score a minimum of 70%. You will shoot 50 rounds, 35 of which must be in the black of the silhouette target from 3 to 15 yards.
I haven’t been a student in years and am concerned about taking the written test. You will be more than prepared to take the test by the end of the course.  Remember, if I could teach you to fly an airplane, I can teach you the necessary course material to successfully pass the written test. I have over 47 years of teaching experience. Allof our students have been successful in the past (even an 86 year old grandmother and 92 year old veteran.
Is there some study material I can review ahead of time? The SLED website contains SC CWP law which you can review prior to the class.  www.SLED.SC.GOV 

How long is the SC permit valid?
A SC CWP is valid for five (5) years. It takes approximately 90 working days after the submittal of your application  to receive your permit.
How old do you have to be to get a permit? You have to be 21 years old to be issued a permit. Those who are under the age of 21 can take the course ahead of time and hold the paperwork until you turn 21 years old.
When we shoot, is there a firing line of multiple people shooting at once? Absolutely not! We shoot one-on-one, always putting safety first. This is personalized instruction, eliminating any fear or intimidation of having a person firing next to you that may have had little or no formal gun safety training before.

What do I need to bring to class? Your driver’s license and, if a non-resident, a paid SC property tax bill.
If I have a police record, how do I check to see if I am eligible to get a permit? You can call SLED at 803.896-7015 and discuss your situation with them.  Normally, if you can purchase a gun from an FLL dealer, your are OK.
Can I get additional training? We now offer basic defensive handgun procedures training to all CWP permit holders. Limited class size. We help you develop the muscle memory to clear malfunctions, develop rapid presentation form holster, and improve marksmanship. This is the class that will set you apart and hone your skills.

What is the cost for the additional defensive handgun procedures training?
Our past students can attend for $10 per class, each class is one hour, there is homework. Other CWP holders, $20 for first class, $10 each additional class.

What do I need to bring to the class?
Your carry handgun and holster,