South Carolina and Utah Concealed Weapons Permit Training 
SC and Utah Concealed Weapons Training

Complete CWP training from Application to Testing and we mail all documents to SLED and/or UTAH BCI.

NewStar Services, LLC, provides a "one-stop process" for applying and receiving all the information and material to apply for your South Carolina and/or Utah Concealed Weapons Permit. We offer a safe and professional environment in a comfortable setting to receive your classroom and weapons training.  Weapons and laws are taught by a law enforecement officer to provide the most comprehensive and applicable understanding possible. Complete all your South Carolina and Utah Concealed Weapons Permit requirements at one time in one place.

Why Have a CWP?

There is something very powerful about carrying a concealed weapon.
Protection It's that feeling you get knowing you are able to protect yourself and your loved ones should trouble occur.
Action To know deep in your gut that you are trained and prepared to act in the face of danger.
Security To know you are contributing to the security of your community.
That feeling is powerful, but it is also an awesome responsibility.

South Carolina and Utah are great states for law abiding citizens to be able to accept this responsibility. SC and Utah Concealed Weapons Permit laws require a permit holder to be trained in gun safety, trained in what to do in a situation where use of a weapon may be needed, and trained in the conditions in which a permit holder would use a weapon. This allows the permit holder to carry a weapon in many more places. These laws are designed to protect armed citizens from criminal elements.  SC and Utah laws help you not become a victim.

Don't let another day go by without taking the steps necessary to protect yourself and your loved ones. Sign up today for a Concealed Weapons Training Class. With the two permits, you are legal to carry concealed in 40 states. Let's make it happen! Contact us today.  


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